Independent Events


How It Works

Once you've sent the form, here's how it will work for an upcoming event:

  1. You get an text and/or email alert advising you of a new event.
  2. You then apply via the web site (before the closing date).
  3. We prepare a roster and post it on the staff site.
  4. You receive an SMS text and/or email informing you that you're on the roster and asking you to confirm your position if you still want it.
  5. If you are interested you log in to the staff site check your roster.
  6. If you want the shift you confirm your position by following the prompts.
  7. You work hard and have a ball.
  8. We pay you promptly and with a big smile.

Vital Stats

  • Sex*

Post/Address Details

  • Banking, Tax, Superannuation

    DOWNLOAD THE FORMS: You can find the tax dec here. You can find the super form here.
    Email to

    • If you do not currently have a superannuation fund, you can opt to go with our default fund, Hostplus. Select this from the list above and put an X in the membership number field below.
      NOTE: Super contributions are only made if you earn over $450/month, if this is the case we will open an account for you and the details will be sent via mail.

    Working Visa

    • Are you here on the 417 or 462 (working holiday visa)?
    • Please enter the Visa Holder's information in the form below to view entitlements as per the VEVO category selected.
      NOTE: please make sure your first name, last name and date of birth are as per Visa and/or passport.

    Credentials and Qualifications

    RSA Accreditation

    If you want to work on the bar we need you to get the following to us. Once we have these details we can tick the box on this end and you can apply for bar positions.

    Please upload your RSA Certificate PDF file after registration.

    Approved Managers Accreditation

    Have you completed an Approved Managers Course?

    Provide details below, and upload your Course Certificate PDF file after registration.

    Forklift Drivers Certification

    Have you completed a Forklift Drivers Certificate?

    Provide details below, and upload your Forklift Certificate PDF file after registration.

    Other Experience



    For certain events, we require staff who have barista experience.

    Cash Processing

    For certain events, we require staff who have cash management or banking experience.

    Please note, cash processing experience refers to work in accounting, banks, cash management or similar positions.


    Experience working on a telescopic handler, please provide experience info and 1 reference.


    We will need at least one previous or present employers with a contact phone number we can call to get a verbal reference.

    Employer Reference Details


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